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Apps Worth Checking Out

I remember begging my mom for a clock radio, so that music could wake me up. I remember stopping at a welcome center to get a map to find my way around a new area and I remember my first video game called Pong. Phones had cords and to call someone when you were out and about, you had to have 25 cents to use a pay phone.

We have sure come a long way in a short time. Today with a small hand held device, we can do all these things and more with no cords attached. Their are so many apps to choose from and so many features that I decided to share a list of a few of the best in 2016.

  1. Rise Alarm Clock: The rise alarm clock app is a really cool alarm clock app that allows you to shake the phone to get a few more minutes of sleep. If you have ever dropped your phone or hit the wrong button while the alarm is still going off, then you will love this app. Snooze is so much easier. iOS

  2. Find. Eat. Drink: I know there are too many to count restaurant finder apps but this one is different. How you ask? Well, I will tell you. All the other apps are basically map apps and consumer driven apps. This app is created and updated by chefs, bartenders and wine stewarts so you will always be at a place recommended by peers. You could find a hidden gem that no one knows about. iOS

  3. Last Message: We have all been there, your battery is about to die and you know everyone is trying to get a hold of you or will panic and worry if they can't reach you. Last Message will help you with this and is great for teenagers who use the excuse my battery ran out. This Android app will text, email, Facebook message, or tweet the friends and family you select to alert them when your phone is about to die.

  4. Instructables: This is a fun app if you love doing "do it yourself" projects. I haven't seen another app like this. It gives you step by step instructions on things you can build at home. It is like having the DIY network on your phone. iOS but Android version coming out soon.

  5. Stow: I can say that packing for a trip can be very stressful and something always seems to be left behind. Stow is a cool app that gives you a list of things to pack. You won't need this all the time but it is a great app for when you need it. iOS.

  6. Weather apps: For Android: Morecast: It has a great look to it and one of the most advanced weather apps available. For Both iOS & Android: Dark Sky is great and has a global radar. The view shows you broad weather patterns all over the world. You can actually zoom in and you can see your country, your state, your town.

  7. Camera360: This app is one of the most comprehensive camera apps out there. This app has over 200 filters, photo sharing, and lots of touch up features. iOS & Android

  8. Need to make a budget? There are some cool apps for creating a budget. Here is a list of 11 of the best budget apps out there: 11 Best Budget Apps for 2016

  9. My Fitness Pal: Starting a diet and need to count calories? If so, you can let your phone do it for you. This one is available for both iOS an Droids.

  10. Duolingo: If you want to learn a new language, this app can help you in a fun way. Duolingo teaches you through a series of games-style lessons. Each lesson is designed around reading, writing, listening or speaking. It is a short and sweet course that will have you speaking in a foreign language in no time. iOS & Droid

By: Lori Cummings [email protected] #YourLife

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