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ASE Credit Union Extends Their GREEN Branches to YOU

ASE Credit Union Extends Their GREEN Branches to YOU

ASE Credit Union is expanding and focusing on a new kind of green, eco-friendly branches.

Recently, ASE opened in Clanton, Alabama with DIRTT Environmental components.

“DIRTT stands for “Do It Right This Time” says, ASE VP of Marketing, Calvin Cherry. We are doing it right with LEED certified panels. This is our first green branch but we have more to come. We will be opening our next in Greenville, Alabama this July.”

DIRTT Environmental Solutions, a Calgary, Alberta based company, has representatives in the state of Alabama. They offer a line of customizable, sustainable architectural components that includes modular walls, millwork, powerful infrastructure and other elements that can be customized. The company has created a design tool suite called “ICE” that lets designers, design modular panels and layout spaces for their DIRTT design.

DIRTT helps ASE leave a smaller carbon footprint incorporating 20% post-industrial recycled materials in the glass used in the wall systems and insulating the ASE walls with shredded pieces of recycled blue jeans.

Traci Kelley, ASE’s Director of Strategic Development says, “The visible impact of modular systems at the Clanton branch is both modern and attractive with the cost being as economical as normal construction materials. The movable walls are also far better for the environment by cutting down on landfill waste, and for the building life cycle cost, making it faster, easier and less expensive to reconfigure space when compared to traditional drywall, if changes are ever made in the future.”

Not only does ASE’s green focus help the environment, it also helps their employees. A Harvard study found that employees working in a green space have a 61% higher cognitive function than those working in a conventional office. The main contributing factor is the quality of air and C02 levels.

Cherry says, “ASE is dedicated to helping the environment while creating unique spaces for our members to call home. One of our signature elements in each new branch is a mural of a tree. This tree is created by a local artist to represent their area, but it also represents the “roots” that we are planting in that city and the branches we extend to include our members. Going green, is just another extension of our commitment to our communities. “

To find out more about DIRTT https://www.dirtt.net
To find out more about ASE Credit Union http://www.yourASEcu.com

By: Lori Cummings [email protected]

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