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Hair Comes the Bride: Wedding day Hair


Hair Comes the Bride: Wedding day Hair

It is a day when everyone you know will be there. It is a day when everyone carries a camera. It is a day when you hire a professional photographer to capture all the special moments. It is the day you will look back at through photos and smile. It is your wedding day.
So, with all the photos and all the attention, the bride will want to look her best. Sometimes it just has to be all about the hair.

While I enjoy looking at new do’s and have tried many styles and colors in my day, I wanted to get advice on this subject from someone and a place known for top hairstyles and cuts in Montgomery, Alabama. So I called on my friend of many years, owner and master stylist of Amplify Salon & Spa Inc., Jami Lewis. Jami and her team of stylists were kind enough to share their knowledge with us and some photos from her stylists who specialize in Wedding Do’s
I asked them several questions and here are her responses.

So what type of style should a bride choose?

Jami and her team said “It is all in what the bride wants. I base my style ideas on the dress style, whether it is strapless, boat, sweetheart, or a v neck. It is all about framing the hair to the dress.” Some nice hair styles to pick from could be a low messy side bun or just a low bun. Either of these may go nicely with the veil or headpiece it just depends on the style of the headpiece. Braids are always really pretty too.”

How long should a bride plan on being at the salon?

“Always plan for an hour for your hair, especially if there wasn’t any practice time before your wedding day” they tell us.

Is it possible for a bride to be able to keep her hair looking good through the entire day, reception to honeymoon?

“Yes, Jami says. Aveda’s Control Force hairspray and Aveda’s Brilliant Spray-on Shine keeps it from looking matte and if you have high humidity Control Force is an A number one product!”

What kind of cost can a bride expect to pay for getting her hair ready for her wedding?

“You can expect to pay around $50 for hair and $50 for make-up. Most brides also get their nails manicured and polished too. This starts at $35 and the polish will last 2 weeks. A lot of brides give their bridesmaids a manicure & pedicure as their bridesmaid’s gift. Gel manicures are beautiful and relaxing.” Lewis explains.

Should you ever try a new color before the big day?

“No you should not change color on the big day, maybe months in advance, but not right before your wedding” says the Amplify “Glam Squad”.

Planning a wedding can be stressful but you can take some of the stress off of you by planning a spa day/hair day with your bridesmaids. So if he has asked and you have said “I do”…as you are making your wedding plans, be sure and call your favorite salon and schedule your day. The pampering can help calm you for your special day and be a memory you will keep forever.

By: Jami M. Lewis: Owner Master Stylist: Amplify Salon & Spa, Inc. Amplify Salon
Special thanks to: Emily Sorensen (Stylist), Grace Rutherford (Stylist), Victoria Singletary (Stylist) and Amber Todd (Stylist): Amplify Salon & Spa, Inc.
Lori Cummings [email protected]

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