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High Tech Home

High Tech Home

I love all the new gadgets and fun things that make your home high tech. Today I will share some interesting and new things that can make your home stand out and make your life easier.

Lighting & Automation

New homes can be set up with the ability to control lighting from any room of the house. Lighting schemes can also be programmed. For example, you can program the lights to dim and the curtains to close when the DVD starts to play. Your air conditioner can be programmed to heat or cool a few hours before you return home from work. Honeywell and Home Director both offer lighting automation systems but if you are looking for the top of the line, deluxe system, Lifeware includes audio, lighting, HVAC and security controls with its media capabilities for around $54,000.

Security Systems

Today every consumer can feel safe with a security system that can have your home call you and or a loved one if there is an alert situation. Some systems can even monitor things like water in the laundry room or basement. Smarthome products allow a homeowner to unlock doors to let friends or family in or close a garage door while you are at work.


The high tech kitchen is here and cooking and cleaning has never been easier. There are numerous “smart” appliances on the market that are hot!
Miele’s Master Chef wall oven includes a microprocessor that automatically selects the right temperature and cooking mode based on the type of food you are cooking. The oven combines both conventional and convection cooking.

Smarthome has also started carrying smart appliances from Salton like the Beyond Microwave Oven. This microwave is programmed to read more than 4000 UPC bar codes. It reads the code and then cooks the products perfectly. Salton also offers the Beyond Bread Maker which makes both cake mixes and bread according to the package instructions by scanning the bar code on the box. The Microwave & Bread maker both retail for around $150. http://www.smarthome.com

Another cool oven for working cooks, Whirlpool’s Polara refrigerated range. Before you leave in the morning just put your pot roast in the oven. The range will keep it cool until it is time to start cooking. The Polara retails for $1600.

If you like to watch TV in the kitchen, LG Electronics has a refrigerator for you. The side by side television fridge retails for around $3500.

GE’s Profile Arctica refrigerator has a custom cool express setting that allows you to chill both food and beverages in minutes. It will also defrost turkeys in hours instead of days. This cool fridge cost about $2000.

GE’s Profile Ultimate Advantium cooks food up to eight times faster and no preheating is necessary. The Ultimate will also convert into a microwave at the touch of a button. The Ultimate also comes programmed with over 100 recipes.


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