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Summer Wedding

If you are planning a "Summer Wedding" there are some things to consider. Kavonda Rogers, owner and lead planner of Weddings By Vonda, gave us some insight and tips on how to make YOUR summer day special.

When someone says "Summer Wedding" what is the first thing you think of?

When I hear the term summer wedding I think of the time period between Late May and Labor Day. It’s also the time period during which most weddings occur. Primarily because it is easier for most people to travel to weddings because of vacation time and the fact that school is out.

Is it too hot to do an outdoor summer wedding?

If a couple chooses to have an outdoor wedding timing and location is key. First it would be in her best interest to choose a location that has an outdoor ceremony space and an indoor reception space. As far as the timing they need to choose either an early morning wedding (before 11 am) or an late afternoon wedding (after 4 pm) to beat the heat.

Are there certain colors associated with a Summer Wedding?

The days of colors being associated with certain times of year are long gone. Couples now chose colors based on personal tastes and not traditional norms. I have planned weddings for brides who used yellow and chocolate in December and brides who have chosen navy in the heat of the summer. Choose whatever colors makes you happy.

Best places to have a summer wedding (other than a chapel or church)

I feel the best place to have a summer wedding is in the most tropical location you can think of. A lot of my clients are now choosing to plan Destination Weddings in Hawaii or the Caribbean. If you are dedicated to being stateside with your wedding then hotels, botanical gardens, and barns are always popular. Just make sure you chose a venue that will accommodate your guest list and give the feel you want your wedding to convey.

Normal and Unique foods you have seen served at a Summer Wedding.

Similar to colors there are no normal food for summer weddings. What food you serve at your wedding should correlate with the time of day not with the time of year. The rule of thumb is the later it is in the day the heavier the food your serve. For example, if a bride has a 10:30 am wedding (it happens) then she can easily do a menu of eggs, fruits, veggies and juices. On the other hand if a bride has a 5 pm ceremony then her reception will fall around dinner so she will need to serve food that is more dinner oriented.

For more information contact: Kavonda L. Rogers Weddings & Honeymoons by Vonda (334) 595-9642 [email protected]

By: Lori Cummings [email protected]

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