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The Best & Worst Times to Buy a New Vehicle

To Buy or Not to Buy

So if you need a new car and you are looking to get a great deal, I have a few tips for you that can save you some money. After doing my online homework, I found the best and worst times to purchase a vehicle. Some of the tips may surprise you.

Best Times to Buy a New Vehicle

According to one of my dealer sources, the best time to purchase during any month, is at the end of the month. Managers have a quota and if a buyer comes in with an approved loan or cash and it can get him or her over their quota...you could get a great deal.

Also, if you know a Model is on it's way out that is the time to buy that vehicle. It may be the new year models are coming in or they stop manufacturing that certain auto. Either way, if you purchase one that is on it's way out, you can save money.

If you do go into a dealership, go at the end of the day. Managers and Sales Executives are ready to make a deal because they don't want to lose you when it is time to close up shop. They will do their best to make a deal so you don't walk out of the door with out new keys.

Look for Black Friday deals. Black Friday is coming up and most people are looking at small items for this sales day but car dealers are getting in the game and will have some great deals on that holiday shopping day!

Rebates can save you money too! Watch for rebates online. Some have saved enough for the down payment with rebates.

Worst Times to Buy a New Vehicle

If a car is in high demand, don't buy it. Simple economics 101...supply and demand. If it is in high demand, the dealer will get top dollar and won't take anything less.

If you are not pre-approved, which I highly suggest so that you can walk in and know what you can afford...never go car shopping after your credit has been checked numerous times...your score will be down and your rate will go up up and away.

Buy in the Fall...but NOT IN THE SPRING...dealers still have time to sell all the models, so they will hold out on great pricing. In the Fall, they get nervous with a huge inventory, so now is the time to shop!

Don't buy a new model at the beginning of the model year if you want to save money. With time, prices go down if the car is not in high demand.

Don't buy if there are no reviews on the vehicle. Sometimes a lemon is created and you don't want to be the one who gets stuck with a faulty vehicle.

So, get pre-approved at ASE Credit Union, so you can go out this Fall and shop for great deals knowing what you can spend.

By: Lori Cummings [email protected]

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