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5 Ways to Stage YOUR Home for a FAST Sale

Selling a home can be a daunting task. Realtors say when you use these five tips, it can help your home move to the top if the list of what buyers are looking for.

Get rid of all clutter in YOUR home.
This is a must for all home owners looking to sell. When a house is cluttered, a buyer can not see the full potential and space that is available to them. It also makes the home look messy and less inviting.

CLEAN the bathrooms.
Realtors say a dirty bathroom with dirty shower doors or dirty tile can make a home buyer move to the next house. If you don't have time to clean, hire someone to get it spotless. The small price you pay will pay off in the end.

Let Light in the rooms.
The brighter, the better when showing a home. Open all curtains and blinds. This makes YOUR home feel cozy.

Less Furniture is More Powerful for selling YOUR home.
If you have too much furniture in your home, rent a storage facility or find a friends garage and store excess furniture. Less furniture gives the buyer a way to see their own furniture in the room and makes the room look bigger.

Don't forget Outside, curb appeal is very important.
The outside of YOUR home is the first impression of your home. First impressions count and make them want to see more. Realtors say some buyers will not even go inside if the outside is a mess.

For an extra touch, put plants in key places and light a couple of great smelling candles. For more home staging tips: Home Staging Tips

By: Lori Cummings [email protected]

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