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Transfer Policy

ASE Credit Union

Transfer Policy

Transfer Limits

I acknowledge that the maximum dollar limit of any External Transfer from an ASE Credit Union account is currently $10,000 per day and a maximum of $20,000 per any 30 calendar day period. ASE reserves the right to change these limits at any time without notice except as may be required by law.

I acknowledge that I can only add personal accounts where I am the owner to my ASE Credit Union Online Banking. I certify that I am the owner of those personal accounts and I further acknowledge that I can only transfer to those accounts from my ASE Credit Union Online Banking. Commercial accounts are not eligible for transfers from my account.

I understand that this agreement applies to all electronic transactions occurring after the consent to this agreement. This authorization may be unilaterally terminated by ASE Credit Union.

External Transfers

I acknowledge that transfers from my ASE Credit Union account will not be completed until the estimated delivery date displayed on the Transfers Screen, dependent on the time of day my transfer is initiated plus the internal procedures of the sending/receiving financial institution.

I hereby authorize ASE Credit Union to electronically transfer funds from my accounts at ASE Credit Union to another financial institution except in the case of unavailable funds or other restrictions. ASE Credit Union may, when necessary, and without prior notice to me, make adjustments to any errors. ASE Credit Union will transfer funds in accordance with this authorization, and shall not be liable for any loss due to inaccurate information. Once a transfer is made to another financial institution, ASE Credit Union will have no responsibility or liability for the deposit of such funds.

I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions from my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. laws and regulations. I certify that I am an owner and am authorized to conduct transactions on all accounts involved in the transfer.

I understand this authorization is in full force and effect until I inactivate or delete the account from my accounts transfer list.

I understand that if corrections to my requested transaction amount are necessary after it is posted to my account that I am authorizing ASE Credit Union to make adjustments to any errors, in accordance with ASE Credit Union’s Agreement and Disclosures terms and conditions. I understand that these adjustments may involve a deposit or withdrawal to my account(s).

Canceling or Changing Transfers

You cannot cancel a transfer after it has been entered into the system AND the information has been processed and/or transmitted to us through the Service; however, you can edit or change a transfer that is still "pending". For Business Customers, the term "transfers" also includes ACH transactions.

In order to cancel or change a pending transfer that has not been submitted to us for processing, use the following procedures:

1.) Log in and make edits to the appropriate transaction.

2.) Edits must be made before 3:00 p.m. for transactions to be processed the same Business Day

3.) You may edit a pre-scheduled (future dated/automatic) transaction anytime before 3:00 p.m. on the Business Day before the scheduled transfer or payment date.

4.) For transfers, you can change the transfer amount to $0.00, or

5.) If you accidentally transfer funds, you can schedule another transfer to move funds to back to the original account.

For Business Customers, additional guidance on creating, canceling and editing ACH is available within the Service and from our customer service department. Business Customers may edit, delete, or un-approve ACH transactions prior to the effective date. After-cut-off time, if changes are necessary, please contact us immediately, we may not have sufficient time to stop such transactions from further processing. Separate agreements may detail the required time-frames for submitting and making changes to these types of transactions.

For assistance, you can send us a secure e-mail through the Service or call our Internet Banking Department.

If you need our assistance on making edits to automatic/future dated transfers; you can send us a secure email through the Service; however, we must receive your request three (3) Business Days or more before the transaction is scheduled for processing. If you call, we may also require you to put your request in writing and get it to us within 14 days after the call.

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