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Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Card FAQs

We are changing our card processor to give you more features and benefits with your ASE Debit Card; your new card provides a secure, convenient, and touch-free way to checkout wherever you see the Contactless Symbol. You will also have access to the ASE Card Controls mobile app, which gives you more control over your debit card.

No, there is no cost for the initial ASE Debit Card; if you lose your new card, there is a $5.00 replacement fee.

Members will begin receiving their new cards in the mail the first week of May.

The new cards will be mailed through the US Postal Service.

Yes, all cardholders will receive a new Visa Debit Card in the mail; your current card will no longer work after 6/2/2024.

You may activate your card through the ASE Card Controls mobile app, by calling 833-333-0418, or by contacting the Credit Union directly at 334-270-9011.

You may change your PIN number by contacting us at 833-333-0418 or through your ASE Card Controls mobile app.

When you activate our new ASE Debit Card, your current debit card will continue to work until 6/2/2024, when it is deactivated.

Your current ASE Debit Card will be deactivated on 6/2/2024, regardless of whether you activate your new ASE Debit Card.

Once you have activated your new ASE debit card, you must update any automatic or recurring payments that use your current debit card information; failure to update your card information with the merchant before 6/2/2024 will result in a declined transaction. The merchant may assess fees for declined or late payments. ASE is not liable for merchant fees for declined or late payments due to failure to update your payment information with the merchant within the above-listed timeframe.

ASE Card Controls is a separate mobile app, available in both Apple and Google Play stores, that allows you to activate, deactivate, and re-pin your ASE debit card. You can also set transaction limits and thresholds for transactions above a certain amount, restrict selected merchants, set up alerts to receive a notification when you use your card, and place travel notices to prevent declined transactions while traveling. If traveling internationally, please contact the Credit Union.

The Card Valet app will no longer be available after the processor changes. Card Valet is being replaced by the ASE Card Controls mobile app, which will contain all the same features you loved with Card Valet and a few new features.

Yes, we will push out an update for the app that will allow you to add your ASE Debit Card to your existing ASE Card Controls mobile app. You will also see some additional features available for your ASE Debit Card. You will now be able to manage both your ASE Debit and ASE Credit cards in the same app.

We recommend waiting for your new card to arrive in the mail; if you have not received your new ASE Debit Card before May 19th, please contact us. Instant Issue cards will be available after the change for a replacement fee of $5 per card.

Yes, your new ASE Debit Card will have tap-to-pay.

Just look for the Contactless Symbol Contactless Symbol at checkout.

If you are unable to tap-to-pay at a contactless terminal, you will still be able to process the transaction by inserting the card into the chip reader. If you are unsure if the terminal is tap-to-pay compatible, look for the contactless symbol on the terminal.

Tap-to-pay is very secure. When tapping to pay with your card or authorized device (phone, watch, etc.), the transaction generates a transaction-specific, one-time code, that is extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud.

Debit Card Support (800) 472-3272

Credit Card Support (833) 333-0418